Established in 2000, Teralogix has been focused on helping clients convert strategy into action for over ten years. From small engagements to multi-million dollar contracts, we have provided our professional services to hundreds of clients, across multiple industries, nationwide.

Our goal is to generate and maintain client success by supporting our clients with:

  • Establishing clear links between people, process and technology
  • Establishing streamlined, effective PMO models for prioritizing and integrating strategic projects
  • Projectizing the organization so that all important initiatives are given the proper support throughout execution
  • Eliminating unnecessary and redundant IT costs and implementing comprehensive collaboration tools across departments and entities
  • Moving companies to a Cloud-based computing model in order to dramatically reduce costs and increase productivity

With a team composed of certified Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Engineers and Business Process professionals, Teralogix is sure to provide you the unmatched experience, objectivity and analytical skills necessary to convert your strategy into action.

Teralogix has offices located in:

  • St. Louis, MO

Teralogix is comprised of certified Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Engineers, and Business Intelligence professionals with unmatched experience, objectivity and analytical skills. Let us turn your business challenges into strategic and repeatable solutions.



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Industries Served

With a knowledge base that spans more than 20 industries, Teralogix is capable of leading virtually any organization to its fullest potential. From healthcare to Cloud Computing, we have a proven track record of client success and satisfaction.


Calling all system integrators, process reengineers, business analysts, consultants, and coaches: Let’s team up to offer a more complete business solution. Teralogix offers a simple, value-added partnering framework that rewards partners for their total impact on the technology marketplace.