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Teralogix offers a simple, value-added partnering framework that rewards partners for their total impact on the technology marketplace.

At its base, our partnership strategy aims to leverage the core competencies of Teralogix and its consultants, optimize the scalability of both organizations, and deliver a more complete business solution through the teralogix suite of services. Ideal partners — system integrators, process reengineers, business analysts, consultants, and coaches — balance the Teralogix technical expertise with a customer-centric skill set.

Existing Partnerships:

USA Energy Advisors (USAEA) 
Teralogix and Value Recovery Group (VRG) teamed up in 2008 to form USAEA – creating one of the nation’s strongest partnerships in the energy sector.

The Incubation Factory (TIF) 
Teralogix acts as an accelerator company for TIF – providing program management, project management and information technology services, in addition to acting as an institutional principal for start-ups.