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Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence experts and product offerings continuously aid our clients in managing information assets while identifying and pursuing new business opportunities and maintaining operational control.

Our business intelligence solutions include:

  • Contract Negotiations
    With a depth of multi-million and multi-year contract negotiations, Teralogix is prepared to offer the same counsel and consulting services for our clients.
  • Change Management
    No matter what size, the ability to manage change is a necessity for the success of our clients. Teralogix helps organizations prepare for and manage change while monitoring change outcomes following implementation.
  • Small Business Accelerator
    Teralogix offers the necessary small-business toolkits to rapidly implement necessary business processes so small business owners are free to expand their products and services while dramatically reducing start-up costs.
  • Products
    Our proprietary project management tool, SIMON, is used by Teralogix teams to capture clients’ processes and put them into an actionable state. This secure, online interface simplifies collaboration and improves employee productivity by integrating communication, process and knowledge.